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My name is Eric Howey. I am a web developer and mental health therapist. I listen and care.

Recent Writing

  • Using Theme-UI with SANITY.io

    Gatsby, SANITY.io and Theme-UI are quickly becoming my go-to stack of development tools. Gatsby on the frontend. SANITY on the backend.

  • Examples of using options in Gatsby themes

    The ability to define options for Gatsby themes unlocks a powerful set of development opportunities. You may have already used an option lik

  • Getting Started With Gatsby-Theme-Catalyst-Writer

    This Gatsby theme is for freelance writers and journalists who want a fast, easy to maintain, and elegant portfolio. The backend data is pro

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About Me

I built my first website in 1998

It sucked.

A lot has changed since then. I develop kickass websites that don’t suck using the latest technologies and performance architecture. I can grow facial hair and have two super awesome kids. It really has changed.

By passion a frontend web developer

I have degrees in philosophy and social work, not computer science.

I enjoy the juxtaposition between creating websites and my full time job as a mental health therapist. Fixing a line of code is reassuringly certain when contrasted with the nuance of human experience.

Slow is smooth, smooth is fast

I don’t do rushed.

Building a fast and easy to use, website is a slow process. It requires focus, collaboration and creativity. I only work on a few projects per year and appreciate the craftsmanship of a well made product.

Selected Work

Gatsby Theme Catalyst

A set of opinionated themes and starters I built to accelerate my own workflow when building new Gatsby projects. Uses ThemeUI and MDX. Free and open source.

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A portfolio website to showcase Brianna's freelance writing and brand. Built using GatsbyJS and Catalyst Themes.

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A small business website for a creative professional who specializes in content creation, photography and videography. Built using Wordpress and WPRig.

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Let's Talk

I'm ready to listen! Inspired idea? New direction? Creating something amazing?

Let me help you succeed with a fast, secure and robust web presence that achieves your business goals and promotes your brand.

The best way to begin the conversation is via email. We will meet in person (if geography allows it) or over the phone to discuss your ideas in more detail. I am excited to get going!

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